Food Friday! [x]

Spock thinks the guys have been carnivoring a bit too much lately, so he’s taking them on a vegetarian trip today. Beets!

food friday mcspirk star trek triumvirate beets

Kirk here.

We’ve visited conventions before, but this was the first time we dressed up. I think we all look smashing, even if Spock’s Spider-Man seemed a little too good to be true. Show off.

Bones looks great as Thor, doesn’t he? He’s my thunder god aw yeah. I’m Captain America. I got me a little shield and everything.

We waited in line to see Karl Urban again, cause he’s gorgeous, and afterward we people-watched all afternoon.

Then, at the end if the day, Spock returns - the real Spock (he’d been worried his costume wasn’t up to snuff).

But if Spock’s in the ugly costume -then who was that with us all day?

mcspirk dragoncon ot3 bonus Spider-Man

We made it to Atlanta. Saw lots of great costumes. Saw some guy named Karl Urban. Such a hottie.

Tomorrow we try our hand at cosplay! It’s gonna be great, dressing up!

Had another great meal. Spock thinks Ferris wheels are illogical. Now it’s time for bed. Kirk out!

mcspirk dragoncon Star Trek ot3

Signed by the man himself
Pic from Dallas SciFi Days
Signed at Dragoncon

DragonCon karl urban star trek

Food Friday [x]

We’re going to Atlanta! The dolls love a good con - and this time they’re dressing up! So today’s post is a retrospective of some excellent meals we’ve all shared. 

food friday mcspirk OT3

Soulmates [x]

OT3 jim and spock and bones mcspirk triumvirate

Not Food Friday. But better!

The dolls were challenged by an anonymous friend to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Jim enthusiastically accepted on their behalf.

Learn more here. Donate here. LLAP ♥

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Food Friday! [x]

The guys have a busy day ahead of them, so Jim made sure they were well-nourished before they get started. 

Well, something like that… ♥

mcspirk OT3 food friday

Getting my cosplay on…

getting ready for dragoncon jim kirk is a doll of many talents among them sewing apparently leonard and spock are going along to make him happy it's what they do

Food Friday [x]

Jim likes to surprise Leonard with little treats like this. Makes up for all the away missions gone wrong and trips to Sickbay Jim and Spock put him through.

mcspirk star trek triumvirate the dolls food friday

Food Friday [x]

There are a few times Leonard turns off the physician part of his brain and ‘steak night’ is one of them.  The guys don’t complain.

food friday mcspirk beef its what's for dinner its hard to be a vegetarian around these guys but spock makes do just fine

Food (and garden) Friday! [x]

Today Leonard made lunch while Jim and Spock tackled the wilds of the backyard! Luckily everyone made it home unscathed.

mcspirk OT3 food friday jim kirk leonard mccoy spock


of all the pictures in the world, this one might be the most important to me


it’s so tender. so emotional. “shhh little kirk-me. don’t you worry. i’m here now and i’m at least ten times bigger than hendorff. you won’t get punched anymore. you just keep being your handsome self, you hear me? and if you tear your teeny tiny shirt again, i’ll get you another one. that’s right. daddy’s gotcha”

me and big daddy yeah

(via docoflaherty)

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