of all the pictures in the world, this one might be the most important to me


it’s so tender. so emotional. “shhh little kirk-me. don’t you worry. i’m here now and i’m at least ten times bigger than hendorff. you won’t get punched anymore. you just keep being your handsome self, you hear me? and if you tear your teeny tiny shirt again, i’ll get you another one. that’s right. daddy’s gotcha”

me and big daddy yeah

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Food Friday! 

The guys saw this on their dashboard and Jim really wanted to try it.

For reasons. 

food friday jim and spock and bones the dolls mcspirk OT3

Food Friday! 

Jim likes to pronounce ‘quiche’ as ‘quickie’. Neither Leonard nor Spock find this amusing. ♥

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Jim is enjoying his apple but Bones had a better idea!

Made by the wonderful Yvonne for our trek craft swap. Thank you so much they are SO cute.

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To boldly go.

Can I ask where you want them to go ;)

Ohhhhhhh, I think you know… ;p

someone else's dolls d'aw it's pike

Food Friday! 

Jim clearly knows how to make his guys happy ♥ 

Party safe, y’all!

jim and spock and bones mcspirk the dolls food friday cookies!

Food Friday with the dolls

(thanks to cutequirk for the tempura suggestion ♥)

Also, Spock and Leonard are wearing each other’s shirts. I have no idea how that happened. <.<

jim and spock and bones the dolls food friday long suffering spock leonard likes his meat jim doesn't want to get dressed all is well

Because cupcakes!

jim and spock and bones food friday

Leonard likes playing computer games on long weekends, when he has the time. 

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My name is Jim Kirk and I approve of smart, blonde Captains. 

…Jim no.

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Dallas Comic Con’s SciFi Expo - February 9, 2014

(shout out to Mr Karl Urban for being a good sport with my bbs ♥♥♥)

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Bless you for this. I have an Edward Cullen doll who goes everywhere with me and I thought I was alone in my insanity! Now I know I'm not.

No, yesjayme, you are not alone in your insanity.

And I’ve got some bad news for you - it’s incurable. But I find that people who feel the need to express themselves through their action figures tend to be kind and thoughtful people, and it’s important to find a kindred spirit now and then, someone who shares your passions and ‘feels’. Good to meet you. 


yesjayme sullacat says
Where did you get the figurines?

Hello there! 

Well, I’m from Iowa, I just work in space… I kid, I kid.

We were picked up at the local Target after the 2009 movie came out for $20 each. Spock thinks we should have be kept mint in box, but I prefer a life well-lived, don’t you? 

Thanks for asking. Kirk out. 

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Happy birthday (reboot) Jim Kirk!

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Captain, Christmas trees are illogical… 

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